Monday, June 26, 2006

Goa + Kodagu Installment I

Yes, that's where I've been hiding the past few days. :-D And obviously, every blogger is expected (or every blogger expects that he/she is expected) to post all the details of his/her vacation. :-)

There are four facets to this trip of mine and hence four installments to this series of posts. They'll be presented in decreasing order of mundanity (No, the word mundanity does not exist). So on with the post.

A resort is a hotel located in a resort area. I wonder if a resort area is an area with a resort hotel. One of those deep philosphical questions that can lead to Nirvana. The simpler way to Nirvana however is the

Swimming Pool

Be it a hot and humid sun or a mild caressing drizzle, there is nothing to match the feeling of soaking up in a pool of cold water. The swimming pool can at the same time provide both relaxation and gambol. The gambol comes from having a family that doesn't mind getting dunked and returns the favour with equal enthusiasm. Try getting into the pool with a mild drizzle immediately after you've been treated to a sensual


The massage to me was a slightly embarassing pleasure. I was reduced to a neanderthal state right at the start of the proceedings, in terms of attire that is. The thing that strikes you most in a massage is the masseur's hand (Sigh, how I wish I could put masseuse's hand! ;-) ). All in all a pleasant experience, but give me a plain old oil bath at home any day. Might have felt good if it had followed the

Steam Bath

For the first time in my life I was able to empathize with Idlis and Kozhukattais. But then my pain was more pronounced as I'm not as rotund as an Idli (or Kozhukattai). Perhaps I can add this to my exploits under the title 'Sixty Steamy Seconds'. Sounds like a B-Grade movie title. However this was much better than the


I don't know why I entered into this contraption. I don't know why I'm writing anything about this at all. I should be better off writing about

Table Tennis

I wonder sometimes if I don't get enough of this in office. The animal inside you shows up often when you go for the totally unsolicted smash and end up hitting the ball right into the net. I never learn. Right now I don't know which is more boring - me going through all this in the trip or me writing about it. Well, one thing I do know is I better shut up now and put some serious effort when I write

Goa + Kodagu Installment II, Coming very soon


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welcome back! funny read this - the reference to idlis was hilarious.

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