Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Conversations with silence

Nigh is the afternoon sun
blazing down on earth white.
Foreheads are wet.
Throats run dry
Hunger burns a dark flame
keeping sleep just at bay.

Then she slides
into half closed eyes
wearing the garb
of morning light.
The compass of truth;
the ocean of order
Goddess silence.

In language that was
never conceived
I speak with her.

Tell me, O Goddess
What is thy form?
Is thee of light
divine and flowing?
Is thee of flame
still and austere?
Is thee of beauty
brilliant and benign?
The divine nymph
closes her eye.

Tell me, O Goddess
What are thy signs?
The throbbing unrest
is that thy coming?
The thirsting ennui
is that thy flag?
The raging desire
is that thy herald?
The serene sylph
sits cross legged.

Tell me, O Goddess
Who are thy kin?
The spoken word
is it thy child?
The divine music
is she thy sister?
The breath that is drawn
is she thy love?
The queen of present
stopped her breath.

Tell me, O Goddess
where dost thou live?
The hills that are lofty
are they thy seat?
The sea that is deep
is that thy abode?
The still moon in the lake
is that thy perch?
The woman with one eye
shimmered in space

Tell me, O Goddess
what is thy path?
Thus did I ask.

The great arms of the wind
blew the needle away.


Parvati said...

I simply loved this poem, Agni. Every line of it. I find it inspired from the highest levels of creativity and the deepest founts of poesy.

The imagery is wonderful, the whole poem is intelligent and beautiful.

The last lines are sensational and lovely -

"Tell me, O Goddess
what is thy path?
Thus did I ask.

The great arms of the wind
blew the needle away."

Thank you!

JAB said...

Although I did not make sense of the last two lines, dear Agnibarathi.. my respect for you grows everyday. This poem reminded me of the story of Dakshinamurthy that you told me.. Maybe understanding Silence and her ways is the ultimate truth..