Monday, September 29, 2008


Drink me this cup of eternal delight
Flowing forever my lovely lover
Drink me this wine sparkling and bright
Moisten they lips, my jasmine flower

Drink of this nectar and fold in my arms
I'll take you floating to my magic bower
Clandestine cove of cavern and charms
Far reaching trees and fine morning shower

There be some birds koels and crows
There be some buds, wild for your tress
There be some dew diamond that glows
I ask your heart and you whisper yes

Secret a lake, we shall espy
Waist in the water nestle in my chest
Cast off thy garb, that doth belie
Thy swelling charms, sweet treasure chest

Kiss me once, O! kiss me again
One bright as day, ten dusky nights
Kiss me an end forever but vain
Feed me thy love that subtly delights

High burning sun, spent passion sweat
Lie by my side, sweet noon's rest
Like sapphire in gold is set
Idyll and still a well painted nest

Then we shall brew us some ancient spell
Wake up some fairies to make us a dream
Fill it with dusk's glow sweet to dwell
Gilt it with morning's rare golden beam

Come, my angel, come to my land
Simple and soft a sylvan knoll
Untouched ever by foul human hand
Flung faraway from terrene toll

Come we shall find us a gray flock of sheep
Sing us a song of enchanted breeze
And in the eve a sweet home to keep
A lamp that is lit and time doth so cease

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Parvati said...

Idyllic. A nice poem :-).