Monday, March 15, 2010

A quilled evening

Summer clouds gather and gossip
Sordid secrets of a sultry sea.

Wanton wind wanders mad
in search of sweet petrichor.

Golden trees gasp in eternal pain.
Mute Atlases holding up the primal silence.

Dulcet evening smears her golden glow
on every stranger's beautiful face.

Sultry sweat trickles down
flirting with the breeze and skin.

Dusty roads raise dusky sighs
fading into empty footsteps.

All of this stays painted still
in the ripples of my quill.

1 comment:

JAB said...

"Dusty roads raise dusky sighs fading into empty footsteps..."

Love those lines-sounds like something I would write. You can finally see me eye to eye in talent..:P Hehe..

Love the title too....