Monday, February 06, 2006


I had mentioned in my new year post about treasures found in BLOGGER. Alivbest is one of the most precious amongst them. It all started with this post.

Eroteme was then an unknown BLOGGer to me. And it was by sheer chance that I came across this post. (You may notice that I have the first comment there! :-P) So thanks to Anu and to Eroteme, I was introduced to Alvibest. And today I'm proud to say I'm part of Her Editorial Team and that I have a small share in Her February 2006 appearance. And yes, I do have one more proud claim - I'm amongst the few contributors who have their contributions in all the three issues of Alvibest so far.

So why this sudden post? Alvibest has matured beautifully - from a shy, bashful maiden to a graceful courtly Princess!! And right now She is looking to conquer more domain...more hearts. I know there are quite a few readers of my BLOG who subscribe to Alvibest and there are quite a few who don't know about it yet. For those of you who are subscribers already, I ask the favour of spreading the news - family, friends, Internet community anybody at all who might be interested in quality Art and Literature.

And for the uninitiated, Alvibest is a quaterly Art and Literature magazine which paints the beauty of life with ink (digital ink, currently ;-) ). You can subscribe to the magazine by sending a mail to subscribe[dot]alvibest[at]gmail[dot]com and you can find snippets of the magazine here.

Besides subscribing and spreading the word, we are also looking at help in the form of reviewing, editing, design and just about anything. Briging up Alvibest is no different from bringing up a child - there will be more than one person's involment in shaping Her up. And anything that helps Her in Her growth would be very much appreciated!!

On the personal front, I have always wanted a daughter...three rather. Never thought the first one would be a Magazine, that too so lovely a Magazine!!! Thanks Eroteme!!! Thanks Anu!!! :-)


Eroteme said...

A daughter and a nourisher... She indeed is splendid in all she gives and all she accepts...
I am sure it is a fun journey for you and the Board...

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Hey! I am really glad to find Alvibest growing beautiful with every passing issue..Really happy to see your enthu..keep the good work coming! :)