Thursday, February 02, 2006

Rama Rama

The morning sun waits to spread light on the world with eagerness.

Dawn trembles with curiosity on the eastern sky.

The birds stretch their wings and look skywards with expectation.

Jambhavan looks with pride and awe at the giant Hanuman.

He repeats Rama Rama aloud seeing victory already.

Sampati takes up Rama’s name and dances about Hanuman’s feet with ecstasy.

Lakshman in some far off forest seeks evidences of Sita bearing in his mind Rama.

The Vanaras behind him chatter in confusion but their hearts murmur Rama.

Baratha washes the sandals with his tears muttering Ram Ram instead of the Gayatri mantra.

Vibhishina wakes up and looks into his palm as he utters Rama.

Ravana stirs in his sleep and sighs in a musical note that resonates with Rama.

The winds strike the mountains whispering the name - Rama.

The ocean stretches ahead with waves that chant Rama Rama.

The air is tense and expectant with the glory of coming days.

Hanuman folds his palms and closes his eyes.

He intones Rama Rama Rama as his right foot takes off the ground for the leap.

Sita sits in penance in Ashokavana.

The leaves in her garden prison gently rustle as Hanuman leaps.

Sita does not waver.

She glows in her austere penance like the morning sun.

Her lips move repeating Ram Ram Ram.

The name is taken up by the wind and carried to the sea.

The universe reverberates with Rama Nama.

Ram opens his eyes as the sun rises and sighs ‘Sita’.

And yes... the bride of spring has come out!!!! I'm glad to say I've played a part in decorating her!!!!


Parvati said...

Touche`! - Ram opens eyes as the sun rises and sighs 'Sita'.
...Glad to see you and Alvibest back...

Parvati said...

*opens eyes = opens his eyes

Anonymous said...

“Sri Rama Rama Ramethi Rame Raame Manorame
Sahasranama Thatthulyam Rama nama varaanane"

Indeed.Lovely post.

And yes,the bride is beautiful..carrying the colours of spring with her...


death said...

must be love

Sriram C S said...

@Parvati - Thanks a lot! I guess I'll be blogging a bit more regularly now (albeit being slightly rusty), especially for loyal readers like you!!!
@JAB - Glad you liked the post!
@Death - Welcome to my BLOG. And indeed it is love.